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Little Sapling Association bio



We believe that every child is ultimately in search of a sense of belonging and a sense of self worth. When their intentions are misunderstood, ignored coldly and not responded to they inevitably turn away from parents in search for exterior feelings of approval. 

The Little Sapling firmly believes that ‘love’ is the most powerful notion and the only answer to solving this issue of neglect at its root, snipping it at the bud. Consequently we announced ‘The Happiness Trilogy’, a movement to take action by transforming the abstract notion of ‘love’ to a simple and direct immersive experience methodology. To return to a pure source and reawaken every individual’s ability to love and to be loved, and allow everyone to take back control of their lives and reignite self-confidence. To believe in one’s self and to take responsibility for one's own life is the only way to feel this sense of life and to live a life of unequivocal happiness. 



The Little Sapling association will continue to push forward with ‘The Happiness Trilogy’, this movement includes our three core project components, ‘Campus Love Delivery’, ‘357 Heart to Heart Movement’ and our annual ‘Festival of Love’. We hope to bring more love and warmth back to our society through action and to create a kinder society that forms a web of positive influences in Taiwan. 



The Little Sapling association has several different projects focusing on different needs depending on time, space, audience and age group. We have carefully crafted lesson plans and activities and have been recruiting a strong base of passionate and dedicated volunteers (our ambassadors of love). Our vision is to train our volunteers to support our projects and promote our core beliefs, we hope that this would inspire our volunteers to participate and for them to experience self growth in the process. 


The Happiness Trilogy Details

Chapter 1:Campus Love Delivery 

In 2019 Taiwan announced and implemented its brand new 12-year curriculum guidelines which has begun embracing mindfulness and spiritual exploration as integral parts of its education curriculum. Seeing this as an opportunity to utilize our strengths and synergy with this new direction in Taiwanese national education we began using mindfulness and spiritual exploration as a foundation to step into elementary schools around Taiwan. We began traveling from school to school eventually being invited to over schools in Taiwan to give immersive family seminars focusing on children and their parents, and encouraging them to embrace and forge a healthy family relationship. Maintaining our core value of love, improving children’s sense of self worth and to awaken their inherent kindness. 


Chapter 2:Festival of Love

In 2022 we launched the Festival of Love, a collaborative effort with TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), a two day annual event that holds public welfare and our ideology of love at its core. The event featured musical acts, ecological awareness stalls, outdoor activities, camping equipment stalls, food and drinks. With a throughline of our core beliefs being prominently featured in our thematic exhibition areas and on stage activities. We hope that we could drive ESG through love and a tangible two day event to continue bringing a positive force into our society. 


Chapter 3:357 Heart to Heart movement

The 357 Heart to Heart Movement began in our Campus Love Delivery seminars, where we introduced a simple yet effective way to improve familial relationships and to make our loved ones feel the sense of love for each other. We now want to spread this movement beyond the campus and into households in Taiwan. 357 is a series of simple actions we can take to enable us to love and feel loved. 357 stands for 3 continuous weeks (21 days, the amount of time researchers believe is necessary to form a lasting habit), 5 minutes of listening and 7 seconds of heart to heart embrace. Many parents that we have brought this to have already implemented these movements and have seen positive responses from their kids. We hope that through a tangible movement we could reconnect that lost sense of trust and love between people and to reignite the light through the whole of Taiwan.

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